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Palladium is a subdivision of the mailorder company of Neckerman in Germany.

Palladium Tele-Cassetten-Game (825/530)Edit

Palladium Tele-Cassetten Game Color

Palladium Tele-Cassetten-Game (825/581)Edit

Palladium Tele-Match Model 4000 (825/131)Edit

Palladium Tele-Match 4000

Tele Match 4000

Palladium Tele-Match Model 6000 (825/166)Edit

Palladium Tele-Match (825/182)Edit

Palladium Tele-Match Color (825/344)Edit

Palladium Tele-Match Color R (825/352)Edit

Palladium Tele-Match Color (825/452)Edit

Rifle+Pistol included.

Palladium Tele-Match (825/468)Edit

Palladium Tele-Match (825/484) ColorEdit

Palladium Tele-Multiplay R (825/387)Edit

(Racing games only)

Palladium Tele-Multiplay S 825/395Edit

Palladium Tele-Multiplay R (825/417)Edit

(Racing games only)

Palladium Video Computer Game (775/002)Edit

Rare German console sold in Germany by the mailorder company Neckermann as the Palladium Video Computer Game. It is based on the Philips Signetics hardware platform and the 2637 chipset. Variants of the systems were sold worldwide under many different brands: Emerson Arcadia (worldwide), Advision Home Arcade (France), Bandai Arcadia (Japan), GiG Electronics Leonardo (Italy), Hanimex HMG-2650, Leisure-Dynamics Leisure-Vision (USA), Intercord XL 2000 system, Eduscho / Tchibo Tele-Fever, Schmidt TVG 2000 (Germany).


These carts are ROM compatible with those of the Emerson Arcadia 2001 related consoles (MPT-03 cartridges).

  • Video Fussball - Cartridge Nr. 775/010
  • Basketball - Cartridge Nr. 775/029
  • Weltraum Abenteuer - Cartridge Nr. 775/037
  • Video Muehle - Cartridge Nr. 775/045
  • Intelligenzuebung Zahlen-Worte-Spiele - Cartridge Nr. 775/053
  • Invasion aus dem Weltraum - Cartridge Nr. 775/061
  • Video Schach - Cartridge Nr. 775/088
  • Video Autorennen - Cartridge Nr. 775/096
  • Video Lexikon - Cartridge Nr. 775/118
  • Video Panzerspiel - Cartridge Nr. 775/126
  • Video Bowling - Cartridge Nr. 775/134
  • Video Breakout - Cartridge Nr. 775/142
  • Seeschlacht - Cartridge Nr. 775/150
  • Angriff der UFO´s - Cartridge Nr. 775/169
  • Pferderennen - Cartridge Nr. 775/177
  • Escape - Cartridge Nr. 775/231

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