This is a quick guide on replacing a faulty joystick on an Nintendo 64 controller. This can also be considered a mod if you are upgrading the joystick to a redesigned replacement. Upgrading is recommended because the Nintendo 64 has a poorly designed joystick that is prone to breaking and because the redesigned joystick has better control.

Tools needed:


Step 1Edit

Begin by removing the 7 #0 Phillips screws from the back of the controller grips as shown. Remove the 2 #00 Phillips screws from the expansion slot. Remove the rear housing and set aside.

Step 2Edit

Nintendo 64 Controller Guide1-1-
Gently remove the Z-Button membrane and board by sliding them to the left and pulling out of the joystick assembly. Remove the 3 #00 Phillips screws holding the joystick assembly in place.

Step 3Edit

Disconnect the joystick data cable and remove the old joystick. To install your new joystick, simply follow these instructions in reverse.

Step 4Edit

Test out your controller! It should be feeling like new.

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