Game & Watch
Donkey Kong 2 Multi-Screen version
Manufacturer Nintendo
Release date 1980
Media type None, game pre-installed.

Game & Watch or G&W is a line of handheld electronic games produced by Nintendo from 1980 to 1991. Created by game designer Gunpei Yokoi, each Game & Watch features a single game to be played on an LCD screen in addition to a clock and an alarm. It was the earliest Nintendo product to garner major success. The device was known as Tricotronic in Germany.


  • Silver (1980)
  • Gold (1981)
  • Multi Screen (1982–1989)
  • Tabletop (1983)
  • Panorama (1983–1984)
  • New Wide Screen (1982–1991)
  • Super Color (1984)
  • Micro Vs. System (1984)
  • Crystal Screen (1986)
  • Mini Classics (1998)

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