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Color TV Game
Nintendo tv game
Manufacturer Nintendo
Generation First generation
Release date 1977
Successor Nintendo Entertainment System (Famicom)

Color TV-Game (Japanese: カラー テレビゲーム) is a series of home dedicated "first generation" consoles created by Nintendo. There were five different consoles in the series, all developed and released in Japan.


Color TV-Game 6Edit

Featured 6 variations of Pong.

Color TV-Game 15Edit

Came with 2 controllers, included 15 variations of Pong.

Color TV-Game Racing 112Edit

Bird's-eye-view racing game that could be played with a steering wheel and gearstick controller.

Color TV-Game Block BreakerEdit

1 player console which featured a version of Nintendo's arcade title Block Breaker.

Computer TV-GameEdit

Featured the game Computer Othello.

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